Aubrey Plaza is not a Place!

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grumpy cat



 Aubrey Plaza is grumpy cat

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       Im not %100 sure this is Aubrey showing off her panties, but I think it is. !!. Everyone should see Aubrey's Panties !!!










                                here ya' go,  Final Proof !!!!


Aubrey's interview with Ellen was like awesome sauce ! please see our
video links page  

                     this is where Aubrey got her name.                                                   She says she hates it . It makes her wanna die,                                                                                                                                          







please go to 'other links' to see a portrait of Aubrey's ass.  It was      created by a fan and its just plain silly(also, its NC-17) Also make sure to look at the video page ! It has lots of new stuffs and junks 

                            interview article , the Guardian 

                   not the poster child for Irony , etc.                     


                                 April , in all her glory


 Aubrey Plaza has stated that  if a woman is seen "chewing on her hair", that means she is a Lesbian 





 She has been photographed many times with her hair in her mouth

I have a video here that simply will not load. You can   watch it by clicking the link. Aubrey talks about the masturbation scene at the end of the inter view         ...................................................................

  Aubrey's photos have become much sexier over the last 3-4 years

                             Please see our photo page for sexy Aubrey pics  


                                see the photo gallery. 

you can find Aubrey's 2005 blog on the 'other links' page\


                      AUBREY PLAZA IS NOT A PLACE !!


                          these people came up with  the name                                                        Deadpan Doyenne Aubrey Plaza  .       

                                    click here. 

                                 Other links for: Hand Job

                            Interview at sundance 

                             Hand Job synopsis


 Please see the Hit_parade page and the Other_links page for Delaware related stuff. 


please see the video-links page for all sorts of    stuff about Aubrey deadpan Plaza and the    movie "Safety Not Guaranteed"  including 45 minute interview with her and the director...

I also want to make it clear:: I am the one who coined the name "Aubrey Deadpan Plaza". Me , kevinm from Delaware.  

                      AUBREY PLAZA IS NOT A PLACE !!!


PLEASE SEE THE VIDEOLINKS PAGE FOR "Safety                  Not Guaranteed" stuff !!! 



                                                                 and lots of other video stuffs to !!! 

APRIL NEWS. : April will be taking over some of Leslie's jobs. She will make an interesting Bureaucrat !!!

         I believe in this rivalry !!!

         Please click here for Aubrey's Delaware                                      Magazine interview 


                            click here 

           This is the first 'Unofficial Fan site' for Aubrey Plaza

                 Miss Aubrey Plaza ,herself,  has nothing to do with this site. My name is Kevin and thats all you need to know about me. Aubrey barely knows this site  exists.

PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN WILMINGTON!!! There is an important link for you in 'other_links'. Its the second link (underneath here twitter). Please check it out  

                       Aubrey is center, with the Lavender dress 



               My name is Kevin and March 31st is my birthday. No shit. 

                              click here for March 31st


START HERE First!!!                                                       Aubrey 'deadPan' Plaza---then you need to watch  this vid' NOW...Do not miss it !!!      




 click here *note . I am the one who coined the name Aubrey deadpan Plaza .Me:: kevinm from DE. 

                                APRIL GETS MARRIED !!!


 Most of you know that April has gone and Married the Big dumb guy. She said "...I'm gonna marry him, then divorce him, then marry him again...". I'm OK with this now. I have learned to love the big dumb shoe-shine guy. I don't think theres going to be another season, but if there is...I look foreword to watching these two. 

                 This is the Aubrey site...but we love April also. 


      I am putting this Vid' on the front page. Enjoy

                                                   click here

       please see 'video links for new aubrey videos with Jay Leno 




Aubrey Plaza is'nt a place.She is an actress from Wilmington Delaware




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                                              Jimmy Kimmel

Ms. Aubrey Plaza was on Jimmy Kimble tonight !!! 8-14. she looked very nervous but she was soooo cute!!!  she did a 5 second impression of 'whats his name' .I love when she does it. I wish she could have done 5 minutes !

                                               pre'mir picture.!!!                                    


Aubrey Plaza isn't a place.She is an actress from Wilmington Delaware

 She plays a bored intern in the new show "Parks and Recreation"

Her character has been described as 'deeply disinterested' or 'Profoundly disinterested' In everything going on around her. I call her 'Passionately-disinterested'. She is the next HOT thing out there. Some day we will count her among the great celebs from Delaware. It will be Valerie B. and George T. and Aubrey P.

Recently April has gotten a crush on the really big, really dumb guy who shines shoes.I cant say I'm pleased about this.

                               This is my favorite picture of her

It is the sexiest picture I could find of her ANYWHERE. That means... she is a

very Respectable young lady!!!

(post made:May 2009) 


              But shes not Toooo Respectable,thank goodness


Pre'mir stuffs