Aubrey Plaza is not a Place!

                         Triumphant return to Delaware !!!

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                         Aubrey's high school boyfriend 

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                        Delaware Today Magazine interview 

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        Aubrey Plaza at the GLAAD awards!!!




Many of us in Delaware are very proud of our Aubrey. I myself, am very, very proud of her . I'm not at all sure how I feel about the above dress, But I am proud of Ms.  Plaza. Delaware needs people like Her and Joe Biden to counter act people like Christine O'donnell.  

In Delaware,Aubrey is big news.Soon shell be bigger then Joe Biden

The biggest News Paper in DE is the "News Journal"

this was the front page of the 'F' section

                           on Sun. Jan. 17th.


These are from the rest of the artical. There wasn't much in it I didnt all ready know. Except a story about her when she was the "Grand Marshal" of the Christmas parade in Wilmington

 She was asked to ride a float with Santa Claus, down the streets of the city. Her job was to wave and throw candy at people.She said she'd only be in the X-Mas day parade , if her family could be on the float to. They made it happen! SHE SAVED CHRISTMAS IN WILMINGTON!!!!

               ...  Aubrey Plaza garners attention, high profile roles




    I'v never met Ms. Plaza but I got an autograph from her,                      A  guy I  know got it for me, during her x-mas return to wilmington.


These pics are not that great. It reads "kevin, thanks for watching my show. Love aubrey Plaza.


Joe Biden will be displaced as DE's most well know person.